Icon active skillActive Skills Icon captain skillCaptain Skills Icon passive skillPassive Skills
All Active Skills Anti Stun Area Attack Attack Barrier
Captain Swap Defense Break Defense Up Fighters' Stats Boost Gem Conversion
Gem Enhance Heal Kamikaze Piercing Attack Poison
School Conversion Stun Time to move gems
Name Cost Description Fighters with Skill
Snatch Essence
Icon active skill4995 Steal the Captain Skill of the fighter you choose Fighter 0495 thumb
Icon active skill4420 Swaps places with Team's Captain. Use again to swap back Fighter 0775 thumbFighter 0774 thumbFighter 0783 thumbFighter 0782 thumbFighter 0776 thumbFighter 0777 thumbFighter 0779 thumbFighter 0778 thumbFighter 0781 thumbFighter 0780 thumb

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