ArrowIzq Armored Tough Tongue (#24) ArrowDer
Fighter 0024
Fighter 0024 thumb
Lvl Icon level yellow1 Max Lvl Icon level skyblue35
Icon attack Attack 121 Icon attack Attack 325
Icon shield Defense 133 Icon shield Defense 570
Icon active skill Energy gen. 35 Icon active skill Energy gen. 80
Icon coin Sell Price 100 Icon coin Sell Price 3500
Gives Icon powerup in Level Up 125 Gives Icon powerup in Level Up 4375
School Rarity Icon weightWeight Icon kind Kind Icon powerup To Max Icon powerup Curve
Icon gameplay war Icon rarity 2 3 Icon skill focusFocus 35449 500000
Icon captain skill Captain Skill: None -
Icon active skill Active Skill: Big Shell Barrier Create a protection barrier of 600 damage points Icon active skill800
Icon passive skill Random Skill: None -
Defender Stats
Pvp icono
Lvl Icon level yellow1 Max Lvl Icon level skyblue50
Icon attack Attack 1096 Icon attack Attack 4592
Icon shield Shield 96 Icon shield Shield 1185
Icon heart Health Points 7650 Icon heart Health Points 45000
Levelless Stats
Icon turns Turns to Attack 3 Icon weight Weight 4
Where to obtain
Evolution from Fighter 0023 thumb
Friend Machine Yes
Rare Machine No
PvP Machine No
Stages Windy Plains - 1, The Golden Rift - 3, The Golden Rift - 6, Icy Peak - 3, Icy Peak - 6
Slug Series
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