Building a good Battleground is essential to achieve defense victories. Other Players can enter in combat against your Battleground, and with defense victories, you will obtain Trophies that allow you to climb up in the PvP rankings.

Here are some tips:

  • Use all the stages: each stage will raise 10% stat bonus to your Boss Defender
  • Level up your Defenders: the best way to do it is with Chameleons (they must be of the same school). But also you can fuse Defenders with the same Fighters
  • Defenders gain more XP from leveling up with Fighters of a higher level.
  • Fighters that are sacrificed become Defenders at level 1 regardless of their current level.
Edit PvP Battleground Skydoms00:51

Edit PvP Battleground Skydoms

Remember: Once you add a Defender to your Battleground, you sacrifice the Fighter. These Fighters can't be used in your attack team again.

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