Match LayoutEdit

  1. Skydoms Screenshot
    Your Health: When your health hits 0, the match is over and you have lost. All experience, coins, etc that you would have won are lost. You do have the opportunity to use a Diamond (earned or bought for real money in-game) to refill your healthbar and continue.
  2. Your Energy: Energy is built up through the match by using Energy gems. As this bar fills, you have access to use your fighters' Active Skill.
  3. Your fighters are located beneath the Energy bar. A lightning icon next to their icon indicates that you can use their Active Ability - tap their picture to use it. As the turn animation plays, you can see the numbers on their icon that shows the strength of their attack this turn.
  4. The combo indicator appears when you have matched multiple combos in one turn. It shows how much of a damage increase you receive for this turn!
  5. Your enemies: Their health bar is located beneath their picture.
  • The Number connected to their health bar indicates the number of turns until they attack. If that Fighter's attack alone will put you at 0 health, a skull will show next to this number. A 1 means that the enemy will attack at the end of your next turn.
  • Skydoms Enemies
    You can tap on a specific enemy Fighter to view its health amount and Shield strength. Leaving this enemy selected while you attack will cause your team's single-target attacks to target this enemy specifically. Tap the enemy to unselect it.
  • When there is no enemy selected, your team will automatically target enemies in the most effective way possible. If there is an enemy that their school (color) is strong against, it will target that enemy rather than other enemies. Also, they will target enemies who will attack the soonest for that turn.
  1. Skydoms Tile Time
    The gems are where you take your turn. Tap your finger on a single tile, and you will be able to move it freely. Note that unlike other match-three games, you do not switch the positions of two gems. You are dragging this entire row or column, and your turn ends when you lift your finger.
  • There is a time limit, and a little red bar will show above your chosen tile when time is running short. When that bar is empty, the tile will stay in the current position, and your turn will commence.


Skydoms Active Skill

Over the course of the match, you will build energy. You can use this energy to activate your fighter's Active Skill. The skill varies depending on the Fighter, and each Fighter can only use their Active Skill once per turn. You can use multiple Fighters' Active Skill in a single turn, though. For each 3-block match of energy you get as much energy as the sum of all of your fighters' energy attribute.

Gems TypesEdit

  • Attack
    Attack Tiles

    Attack Gems

These are the standard gems you will use throughout the game. Matching 3-4 gems of the same color will result in a single-target attack for each fighter matching that color. Matching 5 or more of the same color will result in a area attack, which will hit every opposing enemy.

  • Health
    Skydoms Health

    Health Gem

Gems with a heart icon on them are Health. They can vary in color, and count in the matching of gems for the same color. When a Health tile is used in combination with other gems, you regain health. Matching with multiple Health gems will provide a bigger heal.

  • Energy
    Icon chip skill

    Energy Gem

Like color gems, you can match in 3 or more to use them. When you use an Energy tile, your Energy bar at the top of the screen increases. The more Energy gems used, the greater the Energy charge. Energy is used for activating your Fighers' Active Skill.

  • Disintegrator
    Skydoms Disintigrator

    Shadow Disintegrator

Disintegrator gems are colored gems that, when used in a combo will activate all gems of the same color on the board, even if they are not in the matched group. If a Disintigrator is used in a 3-4 tile combo, the additional gems will increase the power of the single-target attack. If used in a 5+ combo, the additional gems will increase the area attack strength.

  • Multi-Color
    Icon chip multi

    Multi-Color tile

Multi-Color gems are standard Attack gems, but they can be used in any other combo as a tile. They can also be used in a cross-section of two combos, and be counted as a tile in each color's combo.


Fighters each have a School or "type", indicated by the logo in the upper left corner of their icon. When a combo is made, all Fighters of the matching combo will attack.

Skydoms Chart
  • Elemental: Effective against War, ineffective against Shadow.
  • Shadow: Effective against Elemental, ineffective against War.
  • War: Effective against Shadow, ineffective against Elemental.
  • Mech: Effective against Transmute.
  • Transmute: Effective against Mech.

There is a chart in the upper left corner of the play field during matches that you can see this chart, so you do not need to memorize it. Once you have it memorized, you can disable this option.