Quick Tips Edit

The full guide below is recommended to get started, but if it looks intimidating, here are a few quick tips for you to get started.

  • The ? button at the top of the screen has links to the forums, this wiki, a glossary, full list of fighters, Support and more.
  • If you feel stuck and unsure of how to progress, check out the Special Islands every day.
  • Use Frogs for leveling up whenever possible. Remember that they can be evolved using Spiders to gain more experience when leveling.
  • When leveling fighters, fuse using fighters that share the same school as the fighter you're trying to level. This gives you increased experience compared to using random colors.
  • Make sure you leave a strong and helpful monster available when you're done playing for the day - you get Friend Points when your friends choose you as their Helper in battles.
  • Don't forget to do PvP combat - you earn Medals, which can be used to get rare Evo Materials or Legendary fighters.
  • Try to keep a balanced team, as some damage is better than nothing when it really counts.
  • If you are having trouble with a certain mission, find a friend with a Holy Priestess Limtel #87 as your Helper (second captain). This will allow you to do massive heals everytime you match.
  • If possible end your day about 1500xp from the next level, then the next morning you can hit the swamp levels for the maximum amount possible as you will level up on the second round (assuming you have enough stamina). Otherwise try to hit about 500xp from the next level to get two passes through the swamp.
  • Every now and then there will be a blue marker indicating half price stamina for that area, use that time to really boost your player level, this will pay off very quickly.

 Player InfoEdit


Skydoms Player Info
The Fighters you use have levels, but so do you as a player! Your level dictates how much energy you can have at once, how much experience you need to level up, and how much "weight" your team can hold (how many strong monsters you can have on your team at once). When you win battles, you gain experience as a player. Fighters only gain experience when you fuse them with other Fighters. When you level up as a player, your Stamina bar is refilled to full.


Diamonds can be earned during regular gameplay, but are an optional in-app purchase. They are not required to play, but they do have several uses in the game:

  • Refill your Stamina bar
  • Buy 5 Vault slots
  • Rare Fighter Summon Machines
  • Fill health bar in battle when defeated & reset the Rage counter


Coins are used to level-up and evolve your Fighters to be stronger. You can obtain coins in several ways:


Stamina is the resource you spend when starting Battles. Each battle costs a certain amount of Stamina to play, and you will not regain that Stamina if you lose or win the battle. When your Stamina bar is empty, you can refill it for the cost of 1 diamond, which can be earned occasionally during regular gameplay, but are otherwise obtained with in-app purchases. Alternatively, you can just wait for your stamina bar to refill over time: It takes 5 minutes to regenerate 1 stamina.


Each Fighter has a Weight, viewable on their stat screen. When you put this Fighter or Material on your team, their weight is added to the team's overall weight. As a player, you have a maximum cap on Weight. The combined weight of the Fighters on your team cannot exceed this limit. Increase your level to increase your maximum Weight!

Fighter's VaultEdit

The Vault is where your Fighters are stored - access it by tapping the far left button on the interface. From here, you can manage your monsters, including leveling them up, evolving them, selling them, adding them as favorites (to prevent accidental selling), view information about your collected fighters, and more. You will often find yourself running short on space, which prevents you from playing new battles. Use 1 Diamond to buy 5 Vault slots for extra space.



Every battle, you'll have the option to select a Helper, who will join you as a sixth fighter for the upcoming battle. This fighter is owned and has been leveled by another player in the game. When you play with a stranger, you get 5 Friend Points, but if you play with a friend, you'll get 10 Friend Points! Your friend gets Friend Points when you select to play with them, too. If you select to fight with a stranger on your team, you will be asked if you would like to send a friend request at the end of the battle.

You can only use that friend for your battles once every time they play. If you play at the same times of the day consistently, you will often have their fighter available for use. If they don't play very often, you won't have access to their fighter very often. The same works the other way - if you don't play consistently, you may return to find a small friends list. Players often delete inactive friends to make room for friends who will play more often, so they have access to fighters that work well with their team more often.

Friend PointsEdit

Once you have earned 200  Friend Points, you can use them to summon fighters (up to three crowns) in the Friend Machine. You also earn Friend Points when your friends select you as their Helper, so make sure you have a useful fighter as your team's captain when you're done playing for the day!

Islands and BattlesEdit


Battles are the independent levels you play during the game. When viewing a battle, you will see its number, which identifies that specific battle. You will also see how much Stamina it costs to play, and how many Stages (rounds) there are on this specific battle. Most battles end with a Boss fight, which is harder than regular Stages. Some bosses hit harder turn after turn, which scales up the difficulty of the final boss fight as time goes on.

Skydoms IslandsEdit

The game will introduce you to the classic Skydoms Islands available during the tutorial. Each island is grouped into several sections, and there are several battles within each section. For example, the first island you will encounter is Windy Plains. The very first section is War (green), the second is Elemental (red), and so on. The War section has three levels you can play, and the common enemy school will be War. Remember that Elemental attacks are strong against enemy War fighters.

When you are playing a battle, there is a coin and a drop counter in the top left corner. This indicates how much gold and how many fighters you have earned so far, and will be awarded when you have defeated the battle. If you lose instead (your health reaches 0), these potential spoils are lost. You can continue by refilling your health bar at the cost of 1 diamond.

Once you have defeated the battle, the screen will show you what you have earned: gold, experience, and Fighters or Materials.

Special IslandsEdit

The classic islands available to play are great for starting out, the early battles are easy, which make them great to learn the fundamentals. Also, you are able to start filling your Vault with Fighters earned from these battles, and using remaining Fighters to level up. However, the levels get harder as you progress, and you need stronger Fighters to win.

That's where Special Islands come in.

There are several types of Special Islands available at any given time. Some have fun enemies, others drop Evo Materials or Level-Up Materials. Some even have the chance to drop Legendary Fighters for you to use! To view the items, click the compass to get to the Map. In the top left corner, there's a vortex (dark hole). When you tap it, you will be able to see the Special islands, and scroll through them to select one to play.

Special islands are an important part of your arsenal. Using spare Fighters to level up is an option, but it is not very efficient. Obtaining Level-Up items (like Frogs) will help you to make your fighters stronger.

Because Special Islands are such a great opportunity for stronger monsters, they do cost significantly more Stamina than regular battles to play.


Fighter InfoEdit

Skydoms Chart

Conversion Chart

Fighters are what you use to fight during a Battle. Each Fighter belongs to a specific school:
  • Elemental (red)
  • War (green)
  • Shadow (purple)
  • Transmute (blue)
  • Mech (yellow)

The above chart displays during battles. The different Schools (colors) are more effective against some schools, and inefficient against others.

When attacking... Enemy Fighters --> Elemental War Shadow Transmute Mech
Your Team Elemental Normal 2x Damage 1/2 Damage Normal Normal
War 1/2 Damage Normal 2x Damage Normal Normal
Shadow 2x Damage 1/2 Damage Normal Normal Normal
Transmute Normal Normal Normal Normal 2x Damage
Mech Normal Normal Normal 2x Damage Normal


Skydoms Fighter Stats
  • Rarity: The rarity of your fighter is indicated by the number of crowns above their portrait.
  • Kind: This is one way to categorize fighters. There are various different Kinds available, and they typically have similar skills (Protectors are geared to defend your team, Rebels have high single-target power). Some skills increase power based on Kind, but otherwise, this doesn't impact gameplay much.
  • Level: Each fighter has their own level. Increase your fighter's level to increase the rest of their stats. Fighters cannot be evolved unless they have reached the max level for that evolutionary stage. (The blue bar at the bottom indicates experience towards the next level.)
  • Attack: Indicates the strength of a 3-combo attack from your fighter. Additional tiles used during gameplay will multiply the strength of the attack, but their Attack stat is the base of this multiplier.
  • Defense: Each fighter has an individual defense level. The combined value of all your fighters' defense is your defense against incoming attacks.
  • Energy Generation: When energy tiles are matched, a 3-match Energy combo will give you Energy equal to your team's added Energy Generation stat. Energy is used to activate your fighters' Active Skills - more on this later.
  • Weight: This stat has no battle impact, but it does determine how many fighters you can have on your team. For example, if you have several highly evolved monsters, they wil weigh more individually than lower evo stages of those monsters. If your player level is not very high, you  may not have enough weight to have all of your highly evolved monsters on your team at one time - you will have to pick and choose your team wisely.


Skydoms Fighter Skills


Your fighters have three different kinds of skills.
  • Captain Skill: You can change your team captain before starting any battle. The Fighter you have selected as your Team Captain will have their Captian Skill active for the duration of the match.
  • Active Skill: Once you have enough Energy to use a Fighter's Active Skill in a battle, a lightning bolt will show with their icon. Tap their icon to begin activating the skill. By default, you will be able to view the description of their Active Skill and confirm your selection before the Active Skill is used, and your Energy is spent.
  • Random Skill: These skills trigger randomly for any Fighter on your team. Using your Fighters for battle also increases the chances of the Random Skill activating over time, and the game will tell you once that percentage has increased!

Leveling Up FightersEdit

Skydoms Level-Up

Level-Up Menu

When you level up fighters, their stats are increased. Once they have reached max level, you will be able to evolve them to the next evolutionary stage, which typically has higher base stats and stronger Skills available. There are two ways to enter the Level-Up Menu from the Vault:
  • Select the blue star icon at the top to select the Fighter you want to level.
  • Select the Fighter by long-holding on its icon, then select the blue star icon.

Either way, you will then be taken to view the Vault. You can select up to 5 fighters to fuse. There is a display of stats and level before and after at the top of the screen, so you can compare the impact of using different fighters to level-up your selected fighter. Select the red icon to cancel, and the green check mark to confirm your choice. This cannot be undone, and the selected fighters will be lost in the process, so choose carefully!


  • Choose fighters or materials of the same School whenever possible - your fighter will gain 50% more experience from these than they would get from other fighters or materials of other schools.
  • Frogs are useless in battle, irrelevant in Evo, but essential in level-up. They grant high amounts of experience compared to other fighters. Don't forget to do the Daily Swamps to get Frogs!
  • The coin cost in leveling fighters is based off of their current level. If you don't have 5 fighters (or frogs) to sacrifice, consider waiting to get more fighters so it doesn't cost as much money in the end.

Evolving FightersEdit

Skydoms Evo Confirm

Evo Screen

Once a fighter has reached the max level for that stage, the only way to make it stronger is to evolve it. The later the Fighter's Evo, the higher the potential stats at the new max level - plus they have stronger and more unique Skills available. There are Materials that exist only for you to Evo or Level-Up existing fighters: Chests and Spiders are early examples you'll see of this for Evo. Like Level-Up Material fighters, Evo Material fighters are useless in battle, but they are required to Evo your monsters. There are two ways to enter the Level-Up Menu from the Vault:
  • Select the crown icon at the top to select the Fighter you want to level.
  • Select the Fighter by long-holding on its icon, then select the crown icon.

Either way, you will then be taken to view the Evo menu. The top group will show what Evo Materials are needed to Evo this fighter, and how many you have. You will not be able to Evo your Fighters if you do not have all the required materials, or if your fighter is not at max level yet.


  • Keep in mind that some Level-Up Material fighters can be evolved, which will give much higher experience when used in the Level-Up process.
  • You can spend Trophies earned in Player vs. Player (PvP combat) to get rare level up materials, like Worker Ant, Gem or even Legendary Fighters.
  • Several of the Daily Islands drop Evo Materials of a specific group, like Friday Nest and Thursday Mine. Be sure to check the special islands every day to see if you need the Materials from that island!

Selling FightersEdit

Selling fighters is one option when your Vault is full, and the amount it requires to use the fighter as an Evo item isn't worth the low amount of experience. There are two ways to enter the sell a fighter from the Vault:

  • Select the gold coin icon at the top and select the Fighter or Material you want to sell.
  • Select the Fighter by long-holding on its icon, then select the gold coin icon.

Favoriting FightersEdit

Favoriting Fighters will make sorting easy - that way, you can switch your favorites in and out before battles efficiently. Favoriting a fighter also protects it from being accidentally sold. To mark a fighter as favourite from the Vault:

  • Select the Fighter by long-holding on its icon, then select the pink heart icon.

When the monster is favorited, you will see a pink heart on the icon when viewing it from the Vault. You can select the heart again to toggle Favorite off.

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