ArrowIzq Harbinger, the Nullifier (#757) ArrowDer
Fighter 0757
Fighter 0757 thumb
Lvl Icon level yellow1 Max Lvl Icon level skyblue99
Icon attack Attack 395 Icon attack Attack 1358
Icon shield Defense 526 Icon shield Defense 1553
Icon active skill Energy gen. 175 Icon active skill Energy gen. 477
Icon coin Sell Price 970 Icon coin Sell Price 96030
Gives Icon powerup in Level Up 840 Gives Icon powerup in Level Up 83160
School Rarity Icon weightWeight Icon kind Kind Icon powerup To Max Icon powerup Curve
Icon gameplay elemental Icon rarity 6 35 Icon skill legendaryLegendary 4000000 4000000
Icon captain skill Captain Skill: Elemental Synergy X 2x Icon attack and Icon active skill for Icon gameplay elemental fighters & 20% of your drained Icon heart is taken from your Icon active skill pool when available
Icon active skill Active Skill: Elemental Disintegration X Upgrade 2 Icon chip elemental to disintegrator Icon active skill2800
Icon passive skill Random Skill: Regen Heals 500 Icon heart for 3 turns Lvl Icon level yellow1 4%
Lvl Icon level skyblue10 14%
Defender Stats
Pvp icono
Lvl Icon level yellow1 Max Lvl Icon level skyblue50
Icon attack Attack 6445 Icon attack Attack 16892
Icon shield Shield 203 Icon shield Shield 2255
Icon heart Health Points 83750 Icon heart Health Points 680000
Levelless Stats
Icon turns Turns to Attack 3 Icon weight Weight 40
Defender Skills
IconoBoss Boss Skill: Magic Evolution +15% Icon attack and Icon heart for Icon gameplay elemental defenders
PvPskillsIcon PvP Skill: None
Where to obtain
Evolution from Fighter 0756 thumb
Friend Machine No
Rare Machine No
PvP Machine No
Stages Unknown
Arts Series
Fighter 0756 thumb Fighter 0757 thumb Fighter 0764 thumb Fighter 0765 thumb Fighter 0760 thumb Fighter 0761 thumb Fighter 0762 thumb Fighter 0763 thumb Fighter 0758 thumb Fighter 0759 thumb

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