ArrowIzq High King, Skeleton Agripa (#208) ArrowDer
Fighter 0208
Fighter 0208 thumb
Lvl Icon level yellow1 Max Lvl Icon level skyblue99
Icon attack Attack 871 Icon attack Attack 1308
Icon shield Defense 815 Icon shield Defense 1361
Icon active skill Energy gen. 284 Icon active skill Energy gen. 412
Icon coin Sell Price 1000 Icon coin Sell Price 99000
Gives Icon powerup in Level Up 890 Gives Icon powerup in Level Up 88110
School Rarity Icon weightWeight Icon kind Kind Icon powerup To Max Icon powerup Curve
Icon gameplay shadow Icon rarity 6 20 Icon skill legendaryLegendary

Icon skill focusFocus

4000000 4000000
Icon captain skill Captain Skill: Living Death Icon chip skill also generate 0.5x Icon attack from every fighter
Icon active skill Active Skill: Shadow Power X 2.5x Icon attack for Icon gameplay shadow fighters this turn Icon active skill4995
Icon passive skill Random Skill: Steal Soul Heal Icon heart half of the inflicted damage Lvl Icon level yellow1 4%
Lvl Icon level skyblue10 14%
Defender Stats
Pvp icono
Lvl Icon level yellow1 Max Lvl Icon level skyblue50
Icon attack Attack 4491 Icon attack Attack 15496
Icon shield Shield 360 Icon shield Shield 3825
Icon heart Health Points 86000 Icon heart Health Points 730000
Levelless Stats
Icon turns Turns to Attack 1 Icon weight Weight 20
Defender Skills
IconoBoss Boss Skill: Remove Shadow Life Removes all healing Icon chip shadow every turn
PvPskillsIcon PvP Skill: None
Fighter 0208 thumb + Fighter 0539 thumb Fighter 0602 thumb Fighter 0162 thumb Fighter 0770 thumb Fighter 0140 thumb > Fighter 0851 thumb
Where to obtain
Evolution from Fighter 0207 thumb
Friend Machine No
Rare Machine No
PvP Machine No
Stages Unknown
Lord Series
Fighter 0203 thumb Fighter 0204 thumb Fighter 0849 thumb Fighter 0211 thumb Fighter 0212 thumb Fighter 0853 thumb Fighter 0207 thumb Fighter 0208 thumb Fighter 0851 thumb Fighter 0209 thumb Fighter 0210 thumb Fighter 0852 thumb Fighter 0205 thumb Fighter 0206 thumb Fighter 0850 thumb

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