Icon active skillActive Skills Icon captain skillCaptain Skills Icon passive skillPassive Skills
All Passive Skills Area Attack Attack Barrier Defense Break
Gem Conversion Gem Enhance Heal Other Poison
Name Chance Description Fighters with Skill
Poison Hit
Icon level skyblue1: 4%
Icon level yellow12: 16%
Poison target dealing 250 damage every turn Fighter 0563 thumbFighter 0220 thumbFighter 0514 thumbFighter 0219 thumbFighter 0214 thumbFighter 0511 thumbFighter 0213 thumbFighter 0565 thumbFighter 0566 thumbFighter 0562 thumbFighter 0561 thumbFighter 0564 thumbFighter 0568 thumbFighter 0567 thumbFighter 0569 thumbFighter 0570 thumb

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