ArrowIzq War Willy (#310) ArrowDer
Fighter 0310
Fighter 0310 thumb
Lvl Icon level yellow1 Max Lvl Icon level skyblue50
Icon attack Attack 372 Icon attack Attack 578
Icon shield Defense 481 Icon shield Defense 781
Icon active skill Energy gen. 106 Icon active skill Energy gen. 187
Icon coin Sell Price 230 Icon coin Sell Price 11500
Gives Icon powerup in Level Up 245 Gives Icon powerup in Level Up 12250
School Rarity Icon weightWeight Icon kind Kind Icon powerup To Max Icon powerup Curve
Icon gameplay war Icon rarity 4 10 Icon skill focusFocus 265166 1500000
Icon captain skill Captain Skill: War Soul 25% damage reduction from Icon gameplay war enemies + extra 1x Icon attack area attack if matching gems
Icon active skill Active Skill: Shadow Roll Stun Icon gameplay shadow enemies for 2 turns Icon active skill3200
Icon passive skill Random Skill: Reaction Attack twice Lvl Icon level yellow1 4%
Lvl Icon level skyblue12 16%
Defender Stats
Pvp icono
Lvl Icon level yellow1 Max Lvl Icon level skyblue50
Icon attack Attack 2746 Icon attack Attack 10437
Icon shield Shield 90 Icon shield Shield 1125
Icon heart Health Points 16500 Icon heart Health Points 114000
Levelless Stats
Icon turns Turns to Attack 2 Icon weight Weight 12
Fighter 0310 thumb + Fighter 0139 thumb Fighter 0144 thumb Fighter 0149 thumb Fighter 0162 thumb > Fighter 0311 thumb
Where to obtain
Friend Machine No
Rare Machine No
PvP Machine No
Trivia Crack Series
Fighter 0308 thumb Fighter 0309 thumb Fighter 0316 thumb Fighter 0317 thumb Fighter 0312 thumb Fighter 0313 thumb Fighter 0314 thumb Fighter 0315 thumb Fighter 0310 thumb Fighter 0311 thumb Fighter 0318 thumb Fighter 0319 thumb Fighter 0326 thumb Fighter 0327 thumb Fighter 0322 thumb Fighter 0323 thumb Fighter 0324 thumb Fighter 0325 thumb Fighter 0320 thumb Fighter 0321 thumb Fighter 0328 thumb Fighter 0329 thumb

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